Regina Aka "Snap Snap the squirrel" (bananaluvsapple) wrote in edhs_drama_club,
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whats new

hello so how did the lip singing contest go and what happend in drama club today i could not come cause i had friends drama to deal with.. lol well i joined drama 2 for next year is there a drama trip this year or not i heard canada but it could be a rumor and does anyone know? well i got to go byebye

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drama club itself was cut short... o.o;
stew WANTS to go to see a play..but it wouldnt be until next year unfortunately...

the lip synch contest was AWESOME! the moulin rouge girls won group, and shane kalminski won solo....YAY!

and today in drama club we basically told everyone *this was before i came though* that next week is performance day. other than that, only the people who are planning on doing the improv for next week stayed. so you didnt miss much!

(btw, i love u!!!)
next year why? did he give a reason why? i heard your sick kelly hope you get better love ya all byebye